Resources for the Soul

With Google, Pinterest, and Amazon it seems every resource we dream of is accessible with a simple click. Yet, perhaps you desire something of more substance, specific to your needs. These resources, are meant to support your soul as well as the souls in your care. If you are a parent, teacher, ministry leader, friend, or fellow sojourner, these resources are for you to use and share freely. They flow from my daily living and journey with God. Use them, embellish them for your own purposes and most of all grow in relationship with God through utilizing these materials. Click the title to download the resource. 🙂

The Soulcare Anchoress has created materials for churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. Request assistance in developing specific resources for your church or organization. Fees Vary.

Jenni has a deep love for Jesus and desires to see children and families grow in their love and understanding of Him. The resources she provided were always creative and engaging, whether it be lessons for our children’s classes, sermon notes for kids staying in the worship service, or seasonal calendars for families to worship, serve, pray and study Scripture in their homes. Her creativity was a gift to our community.

Anne Griffin

Pastor of Worship and Implementation, Trailhead Church, Littleton, CO

Teaching the Bible to children in poverty is a challenge, but the Lord allowed us to combine Jenni’s expertise in education and teaching the bible with our experience working with the poor to effectively serve the children. Jenni wrote a 5 year VBS curriculum to teach children to love God in a dynamic and practical way.” She also wrote a stewardship curriculum for our school program, as well as trained our staff and many volunteers on how to teach and work with children.

Gladys Guitz

Co-Founder, Potter's House Association in Guatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala