Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction differs from both spiritual friendship and spiritual counsel in its formality. This type of soul care is usually more structured, focused, and one-directional. Spiritual Direction is both the informal and formal ministry in which an experienced follower of Christ helps another person grow in relationship with and obedience to God by following Jesus. Spiritual Direction is a ministry of presence, paying attention to the movements of God on behalf of someone else. The “director” assists another individual in noticing the path upon which the Lord is leading and encourages faithful following of that path. The primary relationship is between God and the directee. The director prayerfully listens for the Spirit and speaks only as the Spirit leads. This is Spirit-centered, as transformation is dependent upon grace, rather than one’s trying to solve a problem or produce change. Very little direction actually occurs, yet the director aids the directee toward identifying God’s movement, spiritual growth and obstacles. The director communes with the Spirit of the Lord, while also communing with the directee’s sharing so as to sensitively advocate God’s activity within the receiver’s soul.

Soulcare Anchoress provides spiritual direction uniquely considering each individual. Tactile objects and the use of distinctive spiritual practices during the meeting allow margin for the Spirit to commune with the directee. 

Spiritual direction necessitates a minimum commitment of four months, however six is preferred. God’s timeline moves at His pace; time is essential to the process. Monthly one-hour meetings follow an initial one-hour get-to-know-you meeting. A covenant is signed committing confidentiality and purposeful engagement with this soul care practice. After four or six months, the covenant is reevaluated. Fees vary.

Schedule an initial meeting to begin spiritual direction with the Soulcare Anchoress.

Jenni Hoag is an experienced and skilled Christian spiritual director and soul care provider. I trust her with my precious soul. When I receive soul care from Jenni, she not only listens well to the voice of God on my behalf, she envelops me in God’s lavish love. I have journeyed closely with Christ for over 30 years, and of course, like all, I continue to have various blind spots. Jenni is ever so gentle and skilled to speak Biblical truth into those areas, offering me deep internal spiritual freedoms. She also has a nuanced ability to lift me up out of my sometimes earthly and limited viewpoint to a higher more objective perspective, one from God’s vantage point, so that I can see more clearly God’s loving movement, attentiveness, and care in my life. I am extremely grateful and honored to call Jenni Hoag my Christian spiritual director. I would highly recommend Jenni as a soul care companion to anyone that has the need or interest!

Shelley Johnson

Founder, Segullah Ministries Greenwood Village, CO

Jenni Hoag has been serving me in the role of Spiritual Director for the last two years following a recommendation to me by my Professor, who knows Jenni.  I have found Jenni to be profoundly insightful, compassionate and wise.  Jenni has an excellent command of Christian Doctrine and the Bible. Most importantly,  Jenni is a humble, Christ centered disciple who is faithful to teach, to pray for, and to minister to those she serves. I have no doubt that her ministry has had a tremendous, positive impact on my relationship with God, and I would highly recommend her as a Spiritual Director. 

Kelly Quinones

Graduate student, Denver Seminary Highlands Ranch, CO