Soul Care & Spiritual Direction

The Soulcare Anchoress engages in both formal and informal forms of spiritual soul care, including friendship, counsel, and direction. 

We are each being conformed to an image: either the image of Christ or the image of the world. Spiritual formation is the life-long process of being conformed and transformed by the Holy Spirit to more rightly reflect Jesus Christ for God’s glory. It is the inward change of the heart so that outward attitudes and actions mirror Jesus Christ. Spiritual Formation is cooperating with God and re-ordering one’s life under God, with God, and for God. It is surrender to God at work by the Holy Spirit within one’s spirit.

A practice that supports and encourages one’s transformation by God is soul care; which includes spiritual friendship, spiritual counsel and spiritual direction. Thoughtful and careful attention to the inner being of the individual is the premise of soul care. The purpose of soul care is to walk alongside and guide other spiritually hungry souls into a deeper relationship with the living God. Attention must be given to the spiritual being of the human person as God’s creation, for it is our spirit which most directly communes with the Spirit of God (John 4:24). Thus, being sensitive to the movements of the Holy Spirit and coming alongside individuals on the spiritual journey are the primary components of the ministry of soul care. The focal point uniquely spotlights the individual’s relationship to God; helping them attend to God’s activity in their life.

Spiritual friendship exemplifies informal relationships. These bonds are encouraging and stimulating spiritually. A distinctive of this form of soul care is the mutuality of the relationship. When engaged in spiritual friendship, faith journeys are shared and those involved receive mutual support for growing with Jesus. 

Spiritual counsel differs from spiritual friendship in that it often does not have the longevity of the relationship enjoyed within the friendship. The guidance here is more focused upon a particular spiritual issue, rather than just living life. Soul care of this manner tends to be also informal in structure as in spiritual friendship. 


Biblical and practical counsel for your ministry, classroom, and family strengthens you for service to God and growth in Him. Contact the Soulcare Anchoress.

Spiritual direction differs from both spiritual friendship and spiritual counsel in its formality. This type of soul care is usually more structured, focused, and one-directional. Spiritual Direction is both the informal and formal ministry in which an experienced follower of Christ helps another person grow in relationship with and obedience to God by following Jesus. Spiritual Direction is a ministry of presence, paying attention to the movements of God on behalf of someone else. The “director” assists another individual in noticing the path upon which the Lord is leading and encourages faithful following of that path. The primary relationship is between God and the directee. The director prayerfully listens for the Spirit and speaks only as the Spirit leads. This is Spirit-centered, as transformation is dependent upon grace, rather than one’s trying to solve a problem or produce change. Very little direction actually occurs, yet the director aids the directee toward identifying God’s movement, spiritual growth and obstacles. The director communes with the Spirit of the Lord, while also communing with the directee’s sharing so as to sensitively advocate God’s activity within the receiver’s soul.

Soulcare Anchoress provides spiritual direction uniquely considering each individual. Tactile objects and the use of distinctive spiritual practices during the meeting allow margin for the Spirit to commune with the directee. 

Spiritual direction necessitates a minimum commitment of four months, however six is preferred. God’s timeline moves at His pace; time is essential to the process. Monthly one-hour meetings follow an initial one-hour get-to-know-you meeting. A covenant is signed committing confidentiality and purposeful engagement with this soul care practice. After four or six months, the covenant is reevaluated. Fees vary.

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