Speaking Topics

Topics for speaking include, but are not limited to:


  • Breathe, Relax, Attune: Learning from Women in the Bible
  • Centering or Breath Prayer
  • Coloring Prayer
  • Cultivating Your Heart in College
  • Cultivating the Heart of Ministry
  • Discerning Goals for a New Season
  • Effective Teaching
  • Engaging in Lectio Divina
  • Expectancy in Preparation – Supporting your Child’s Missions Experience
  • Faith, Family and Fun – Growing Spiritually Each Month of the Year
  • Formed with Joy – How God used my dog to Spiritually Form Me
  • God With Me in the Cancer Journey
  • How to Spend Time with Jesus – The Traffic Light
  • Legacy – Pride or Humility
  • Living Radically; Serving the Poor
  • Money for MOPS
  • The Mystery of Marriage
  • Open to God? Learning from Balaam and Life
  • Practicing the Examen
  • Retreat through the Fruit of the Spirit
  • The Spiritual Disciplines
  • Spiritual Formation for Families
  • Stewarding your Home for God’s Glory
  • Stewardship in the Scriptures
  • Teach, Play, Learn
  • Words that are Sweet not Sour

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When I think about Jenni and her ministry. I truly believe that she is following Deuteronomy 5:32 -33. ‘’ So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or the left…” He has given Jenni a heart to comfort His people(Isaiah 40:1). She is very in tune with the Holy Spirit and you will feel a gravitational pull through her ministry to learn more about Christ, His characteristics and His love for you. An example of this is an evening she spent with a group of our college women from Warner University. Even before the evening began Jenni’s prayer was for the Holy Spirit to lay on hearts for those to be there. It wasn’t about how many but who. Her talk totally met the women where they were, and pulled them in…….with a teaspoonful of God-given creativity, a sprinkling of humor, a dash of humility, and a cupful of Scripture and Prayer. It was a recipe that would make you want to come to the table again and again.
Joanna Hoag

Warner University, Lake Wales, FL