What Does Soulcare Anchoress Mean?

It has been my privilege to intentionally provide soul care and spiritual direction since 2009. I am passionate about growing in the way of Jesus and find it an honor to spur others toward the Lord in their spiritual journey. I meet with teachers, executives, stay-at-home moms, pastors, businesswomen, and ministry leaders; people from different walks in life yet in pursuit of deeper communion with Jesus Christ.

2017 was an interesting year, as the Lord provided more opportunities to speak and teach, which led me to consider God taking this service with Him to a more concrete level. So, 2018 initiates the beginning of purposefully sharing God’s gifts to me with others.

The journey toward a name for which God calls me to be, involved family and friends sharing ideas and thoughts. Through this prayerful time, the Lord led us to two descriptors of who I am and what I do: Soulcare and Anchoress.

By God’s grace, I have provided soul care for several years and experience great delight in caring for others as they walk with Jesus. I am not a counselor addressing a problem to be fixed, nor am I a mentor teaching something of importance as one more mature in life. Neither am I a discipler addressing biblical doctrine and instruction. I get to companion alongside others as they anchor their soul to Jesus Christ.  As a spiritual director providing soul care, I journey with others, providing space to attune to God and encouragement align with God’s Word, the Bible and follow the path on which the Spirit leads.

The person of an Anchoress, was vaguely familiar to me. Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) is probably one of the most noted anchoress, but there are other anchorites such at Anthony the Great of Egypt (286-356) from whom we learn passionate pursuit of Christ. The presence and practice of the anchoress existed primarily in England in the middle ages.

An Anchoress was someone who devoted her life to prayer and contemplation. She led a simple life devoted to God, serving the Church. The home of an anchoress was a simple small cell built against the wall of the local church. The word anchoress comes from the Greek word “anachoreo” meaning “to withdraw”. Withdraw did not necessarily mean cut off from the world, but anchored in it for service with God. Attached to the local church, she anchored herself in the community with the purpose of serving the community. The anchoress led a solitary life, with days spent meditating on Scripture, interceding for others, and providing wisdom and counsel to those who came to visit her.

While all the facets of an anchoress of the middle ages do not describe me, many of their characteristics do. I live a simple life, devoted to Christ. In the quiet sanctuary of our townhouse I pray for others, study the Word, and commune with God. When not at home, I meet with others, providing soul care and spiritual direction, teach followers of Christ how to live a life with God, heeding the Spirit, walking in the way of Jesus, and I endeavor to encourage everyone I meet to live life to the full, rooted and anchored in Jesus Christ.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord by using my gifts, talents, training and experiences as the Soulcare Anchoress.