Who is the Soulcare Anchoress?

I love Jesus and find great joy encouraging others in their spiritual journey by helping them meet with God and experience His presence and activity with them, so that they might be empowered by God to impact their families, communities and world.

I travel the world with my husband, Gary, and have served the Church in Guatemala, Korea, Mexico, Honduras, Australia, and the US. I live out my life purpose by administering God’s grace through encouragement and instruction.   I facilitate spiritual retreats, speak to groups about soul care and Christian spiritual formation, lead bible studies and regularly meet with sojourners one on one, pointing them to Jesus. Also, as an educator, I write Sunday School, VBS and adult curriculums.

Providing soul care and spiritual direction for local Christian schools, churches and followers of Christ in the greater community, fill my days. My passion is to help others attune to God’s activity in their life and lean into His movements.

I received two degrees (B.A. and M.A.) from BIOLA University in Education and Intercultural Studies, with a Cross-cultural Education focus. I also earned a Certificate in Christian Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary in 2009 and have been providing soul care and spiritual direction since then.

My husband, Gary, the Generosity Monk, and I celebrated 25 years of marriage in 2017 and are still going strong. We have a son, Sammy, who graduated from Colorado Christian University in 2017 and serves as tech and facility support for Front Range Christian School and the Bridge Church at Bear Creak, along with running his own outdoor business, Sammy’s Fly Shop. Sophie, our daughter, studies English and Musical Theater at San Diego Christian College.

Littleton, Colorado is home, where I love to read, take barre classes and enjoy coffee and walks with friends. With Gary, I travel, speak to groups, play games, and watch movies. A daily highlight is taking morning and evening walks with our German Shorthair Pointer, Joy St. Clare and helping Sammy with his new puppy, Hope St. Teresa.

Fun Facts about Jenni:

  •  As a spiritual director, I have the privilege of supporting and encouraging others attune to God’s activity in their lives.
  • By providing soul care to teachers at Front Range Christian School, I support and spur on those pouring heavily into the growth of children.
  • Meeting with ministry leaders, I encourage intentional planning and activity toward the spiritual investment in themselves and their community.
  • By speaking and planning spiritual retreats for groups, I help others slow down, meet with God, receive from Him, and minister from a place of refreshment and abundance.
  • By God’s grace, I am a cancer survivor and enjoy each day as a gift from God.